Do you want to discover a new and exciting world, no matter when or where? With the help of an AR application, the Augmented IO project invites users from all over the world to take a journey through Augsburg and individually explore information about the city, university of applied sciences and surrounding area.

The project.

Together with the International Office, the Augmented IO AR application was developed in a students team project. The combination of a notebook with compact information about the city and the university of applied sciences and the digital extension makes the product so special. The double pages in the book invite users on a short journey through compact information texts with matching illustrations. This is digitally enhanced by entertaining content such as videos, 3D models and 360° tours. Probably the greatest added value is the surprise effect achieved through the hidden content. Users can flexibly explore the hidden world and discover content and playfully learn new information.

The technology.

With the help of marker-based tracking, the web app recognizes positions and plays back stored content at corresponding times. As long as the marker is placed as part of the image, it is recognized and can be assigned. The AR content is then placed as a layer over the book page.

The Design.

In print form, the notebook has a very neutral and minimalist design to give users room for interpretation. And on the other hand, the contrast between the real and virtual world should be increased. The AR content is designed in a colorful and eye-catching way to further increase the entertainment value.


Thanks to all involved in the project (International Office HSA - Prof. John - Viktor Werlitz – Team Augmented IO) for a beautiful and exciting realization of this special project!
So... start scanning and discover a new world! Have fun!