The app is an interactive game for pupils to feel connected with their classmates and learn in a playful and entertaining way.

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Watch our teaser to find out what coMates is about:

Bringing pupils together

coMates involves all pupils and improves the sense of community in school class.

Work as a team

Word cards in the game can only be guessed collectively. Teamwork is required here!

Interactive way of learning

The app brings the necessary variety into school days, whether online or in presence. With coMates, you can easily repeat what you have learned in a playful way.



What makes coMates special.

Play Anywhere

Pupils who can’t be in class can join the game from home.


Word cards can be guessed by a variety of fun activities like write, draw or mime.

Quick Start

Players can quickly join a game by entering their unique code without any registration.

As luck would have it…

Whether team assignment or actions: At coMates a lot is left to chance - this makes the game even more entertaining!

Neatness thanks to Dashboards

Teachers can easily create, manage, and organize games in individual workspaces using the dashboard. This way, the games are always available and can be played over and over again.

Create your own games

As a teacher, you can create your own games in no time: To do this, the game is named, assigned to a workspace and actions are selected. Finally, you can add your own words, which will appear as word cards in the game.

In the thick of it

The game can be started quickly and easily by the teacher via the app. Is there a game going on at the moment? With coMates, running games can be observed, paused or stopped.


We are coMates.

Julia Wirth
Nela Sparhuber
Simon Albrecht
Celine Benachour
Mojdeh Khoshpoor
Natalia Nagyova
Marlene Hilbig
Xianzhi Zhang
Henrike Böck
Larissa Schmidt
Gregor Ulbricht
Matthias Moser